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English version of PAPA EST LÀ

Thomas, a photographer and a father, suddenly loses contact with his son following a parental abduction. In spite of the enormity of the loss and his overwhelming grief, he takes things in stride, reacting to the shock with a relentless quest: to find his son so they can be together again. To help himself cope with and comprehend what has happened, he starts a new artistic project to create portraits of PierreRicardo and Tony, all fathers who are living through the same situation as him. The creative process becomes an outlet that allows him to overcome his suffering and express the depths of his emotions. Driven by the same unwavering commitment, the men meet in the intimacy of Thomas’ studio and tell the story of their long journeys, rife with obstacles and sometimes hope. Desperate to protect their children’s wellbeing and security, these doting and articulate fathers tell us the stories of how their lives have become intertwined with the evolving domain that is modern fatherhood.This film, shot over several years, dives into the heart of their timeless stories. We don’t often have the chance to witness men so openly and emotionally expressing their claim to fatherhood, without at the same time succumbing to misery and despair. Their struggle, borne with courage and equanimity, shows a positive portrayal of what it means to be a father, counteracting the media’s often negative stereotypes. It is a story that will appeal to men, women and children alike.


THOMAS. Child was abducted at the age of 15 months by his mother in 2007 to Mexico. Lost contact with his son for two years. Case involving countries bound by the Hague Convention. Legal procedures stopped due to lack of funds. Not repatriated. Thomas uses creativity as an outlet for his grief. Since his son was abducted, he has been creating things everywhere, and all the time.

PIERRE. Child abducted by the mother in 2004 in Ontario, Canada. Sporadically loses contact with his son. Found. Legal proceedings halted due to lack of funds. Not repatriated. The rubber duckies Pierre’s son played with during bath time before being suddenly taken away.

RICARDO. Child was abducted by the mother in 2009 at the age of four in Argentina. Case involving countries bound by the Hague Convention. Not repatriated. The toys Ricardo’s son played with before he was abducted to Argentina.

TONY. Child was taken away in 2005 at the age of 18 months. The mother fled to Greece, England, Jordan and Holland. Contact was lost for three years. Case involving countries bound by the Hague Convention. Found in 2009. Reunification process completed. Repatriated. The toy lion that Tony gave his little girl before she was abducted by her mother.


Writer & Director | Johane Bergeron
Producer | Katarina Soukup
Cinematography | Alex Margineanu
Editor | Dominique Sicotte
Original Music | Claude Rivest
Sound | Catherine Van Der Donckt, Benoit Dame


PRIM ((Productions et réalisations indépendantes de Montréal)
Rogers Documentary Fund
SODEC (Quebec Cinema and Film Tax Credit)
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit


TV5 Quebec-Canada